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So, there's an awesome LJ comm called [ profile] wrestler_rumble which is run by the ever lovely [ profile] dreamscarred . It's an icon making contest for the noobiest to the most pro, the laziest to the iconiest (is that even a word? XD). It's coming back from hiatus and needs lots of lovely folks to sign up, take part and enjoy it!

All you have to do is make one icon each week that reflects the chosen theme and then enter it. That's it!! So simple even Heath Slater could do it :D

So head on over there to this post and leave a comment to say that you want to join in :)
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In the comm I created [ profile] wrestle_slash myself and some other lovely fic writers are doing the Alphabet Challenge between us during July. We've all been writing angsty stuff for too long and decided to do something a bit more fun and random for a change!!

Basically if you'd like to make a request then hop over, pick an available letter of the alphabet then leave a comment telling us what word beginning with that letter is the prompt for the fic and then tell us which pairing you want it to be about - i.e. J is for Juggling, Heath Slater/Justin Angel etc etc.

We'll then write you somewhere between a drabble and a short fic for the pairing you've requested. Simples!! You might get something smutty, funny, romantic, who knows! Its depends on what the word you choose means to one of the five insane writers that are participating really!

So, come on and join in with the insanity :)

Pick your poison!!
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I'm not one for an easy life so, having done some limited research and asked people that I've gotten to know through writing, I've decided in my wisdom to set up two new comms.

They are [ profile] rasslin_drabble and the other is [ profile] wrestle_slash .

One is basically somewhere new to post drabbles and the other fics/art/videos etc, hopefully with a bit more interaction than some of the other generic slash ones i.e. posting challenges/prompts etc.

If people could give them a look and maybe post fics/pics etc to them to get them up and running it would be appreciated, I'd really like to get these going just to give it a try. There's nothing in them yet apart from welcome posts so if you wanna be one of the first writers in either just do it and make a nervous British woman very happy ;)

So, I'm off to hide in a corner and wait for people to tell me the idea sucks, which it might do but I'm a glutton for punishment XD Loving Cena has certainly toughened me up ;)


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