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So, The Big Bang Theory has kinda crept up on me. I'd caught one or two eps but nothing more than that. Besides I'm probably out of their target age group and I try only to DVR stuff from any channels that show Hollyoaks as a rule of thumb. As it pans out I am utterly crazed by it at the moment and watch more eps a day than can be healthy. Granted I've been off work ill for 3 days so I can claim those days as medicinal for the laughter, right?

Anyway, Leonard is my favourite character by a mile, so awkward and borderline desperate. He's played by the adorable Johnny Galecki. In honour of my latest crazy fetish, here's a couple of lovely pics of him and one of my OTP ship from TBBT. Yes, I have one already and surprise, surprise, it's slashy. I am predictably predictable.

Also, I'm an unashamed Shamy shipper too. The most adorable tribute vid is tacked onto the bottom of this. The season 5 finale nearly broke my tiny fangirl brain.

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If these two end up siding together sometime soon Imma piss myself laughing.

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Anyone else feel that Punk's hand was on John's head just a lil too long?


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