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So, there's an awesome LJ comm called [ profile] wrestler_rumble which is run by the ever lovely [ profile] dreamscarred . It's an icon making contest for the noobiest to the most pro, the laziest to the iconiest (is that even a word? XD). It's coming back from hiatus and needs lots of lovely folks to sign up, take part and enjoy it!

All you have to do is make one icon each week that reflects the chosen theme and then enter it. That's it!! So simple even Heath Slater could do it :D

So head on over there to this post and leave a comment to say that you want to join in :)
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He's in your locker room, eating chicken over your bag....


title or descriptiontitle or descriptiontitle or description

Awwweeeeesommmmeeeee! )
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For the ever lovely [ profile] nera_fiore - Bitch, I love you and I love Colt too so I had a half hour off busting my ass on my novel to make you these. I'm sorry if they suck but hey, I gave it a go and he's still cute and hot, right?

Boom, Boom, Colt Cabana!! )
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Not that pleased with my attempt this month but hey, I got there in the end :)

Behold the King of Kings!!!! )
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This month's burnt offerings are sponsored by abject boredom and me generally freaking out whilst trying to use Gimp to any level of comptency!!

You can see him!!! )
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This is the first time I've been brave (or stupid!!) enough to enter an icontest of any sort. The ones over at [ profile] wrestling20in20 are awesome and what inspired me to take the plunge, join up and have a go. I'm not a fantastic graphic artist but I need a load of new ones so why not make myself do them now and themed on someone I never tire of looking at!!?

Anyway, hit the link and they're there. Honest but not harsh comments welcome - me and Gimp are slowly learning to love each other and I'm a relative noob who's thinking of sticking to writing :)

He's just a sexy boy )


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