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A video of what happened after Raw went off the air, including Punk stripping his t-shirt off, gyrating and then blowing a kiss to John's wife at about 1.18 o_________0 and then getting into a punch up with John's dad at about 7.15. He really was on fire last night :D

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ilu John, even if you do insist on putting the moves on Vickie for teh lolz :D

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I know I'm a little late posting these, a lot were dark thanks to that horrible blue and red lighting on the crowd so I've had to tinker with them a bit.

image heavy - you have been warned!! )
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Had an amazing time at Raw, managed to touch John again - I'm such a mark :D

Anyway, thanks to everyone that kept an eye out for my signs, I had a great time making them and waving them. Someone on a forum I use mentioned to me that they'd made it on to so I'm posting the pic here cos I'm just so chuffed about it :)

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Tomorrow night Raw is being filmed here in the UK and I am going. Apart from being stupidly markily excited I've been busy making signs for me and my 12 year old sis in law to take with us. Just so you know, I'm sat at the right hand side of the entranceway as you look up towards the 'Tron so if you see any of these three signs, it's me and/or the little 'un waving them :)

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