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Well as expected my cousin lost his battle against the cancer. He passed away on the 26th with all his immediate family around him. I last went to see him the Thursday before and he'd been in a coma for about 6 days by that point so I guess it was a blessing in a lot of ways when it finally happened.

I'm well used to the numbness that follows loss like this but apart from sadness I'm feeling grateful that when he went he won't have known too much about it. My take on it is that if you can slip away peacefully in your sleep then that's got to be pretty much the best way to go.

His funeral is on Monday and me, my better half and my brother are all going. I hope that his family can behave themselves - long story but this last leg of his illness has caused all kinds of hell to break loose - and that it's as cheerful a send off as it can be. I know he would want it to be that way.

Rest in peace, D. I wish we'd never lost contact like we did but I hope that I made it up to you a little bit in the last few weeks. Sleep well, fly safe and find peace x
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I guess I just need to get this off my chest somewhere and here seems as good a place as any.

My cousin has been fighting a brain tumour for quite some time, years in fact. I haven't been told the ins and outs of the latest developments with his problem but it's bad. To cut a long story short he's been moved into a palliative care unit and hasn't got long left.

beware - sadness on an epic scale follows )
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Just a few of my ramblings on HBK's retirement!

They see me walk, They hear me talk, I make 'em feel, Like they're on cloud nine )


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