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And there will be no cut for this......

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<333333333333 and much ridiculous happy dancing :)
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I haven't posted much here these last few months but I'm still religiously watching the rasslin. What I'm dying to tell someone is how much I hope that the whole 'It Begins' nonsense involves Steph and Shane coming back and taking over the company. I would mark so hard if that happened. I wonder if everyone is reading too far into the videos i.e. it's a boy and a girl who could well be related - is it more obvious than we all think!! (Forgive me, I'm reaching here, I know!)

Sadly I suspect that it might be something to do with Taker which would be the worst possible thing for me as I can't stand the guy. If it's Jericho I'll be kinda surprised as I don't honestly expect him back until after Mania when Rock might have trotted off to Hollywood again. I'd much rather see Y2J back than Taker though.

On a side note as well I'm kinda surprised by the level of brutality in the whole Kane/Cena segment on Monday. It didn't bother me but I bet it was a tough swallow for some of the kids who are Cena fans. Maybe it will lead to his turn, I can only hope so finally. And although John might be making cash on the 'Cena Sucks' t-shirts there's something about the fact that they're selling them that doesn't quite sit right with me if on no other basis than it being an odd thing to do to the only very recently deposed poster boy of the company.

Anyway, ramblings over. *trots off singing "All I Want For Christmas (Is ShaneO)"* :D
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*flail* I still love that guy!!!!!
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Mwahahahahahaha :)

Anybody that knows me knows why this is a total Fuck Yeah!!!! moment for me. On my journal just because I can have it here. And on the day there's news about where my darling Shane is these days and what he's up to. I'm hoping for some kind of media release on that - Shane in suits = <33

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Title: After The Bell
Author: slashburd
Pairing: John Cena/Shane McMahon (Just go with it. I have ;) )
Rating: M
Disclaimer: I do not know of any of this to be true, I don’t know or own these people (but I'd secretly love to!).
Summary: M/M Slash, sexually explicit in parts

Ching ching, bling bling.... )


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