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As most folks know, I am a huge Daniel Craig fan and Bond fan and if anyone has seen Skyfall you'll have some idea of just how thrilled I am by it.

It's simply fucking awesome. I mean, really. I loved CR - enough to see it 6 times at the cinema and QoS was a much better film than most folks gave it credit for - but Skyfall is just perfection. The overtones of Moore's Bond in it just kill me and the Bond/Silva scene was incredibly well executed and a great thing to see in mainstream cinema for me. I can't sum up in words how much I loved it so I'm not going to waste time trying.

Anyhoo, after digesting the film a bit I decided to go for a trawl for slashy Skyfall fanfics (so sue me!), particularly 007/Q and it turns out there's some real diamonds out there already.

title or description

I've basically spent all of the last two evenings reading them and although the plot/patterns of the 007/Q ones are often similar in parts I like the way each of the ones listed play with the dynamic in such different ways:

Jagged Little Pill
So You Were Never A Saint

Also there's a fanart tumblr dedicated to them - so very NSFW so view at your own risk!!

Go and give them a read if you're into the Bond fandom!!! I am soooooooo loving me some 00Q right now :)


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